Semaphore Indicator, Automatic Semaphore Indicators, Fuse Carriers, Relay Panels, Mumbai, India

Semaphore Indicator

Semaphore Indicator, Automatic Semaphore Indicator, Mumbai, India

‘DAV’ Automatic Semaphore Indicators type NTC are used in MIMIC diagram on Control and Instrumentation Panel to indicate open or close position of isolator, Earth switch, Circular Breaker, PT ON/OFF switch. The pointer takes up position of the supervised equipment & it turn right angle when breaker, isolator et is in open position, it takes up intermediate position i.e. 45 degree on failure of supply.

Special features :   

    • Type Tested as per IS-3231-1965 at IDEMI Bombay.
    • High operating torque & positive action.
    • Coils are continuously rated for 24-30V DC.
    • Withstands 2.5 kV HV-Test
    • Very Low Burden (10-30mA)
    • Indicator is dust proof.

Technical Data :

3Nos; Center terminal is common; -ve & +ve are connected to terminal 1 or 2
Operating Voltage (D.C.)
60% to 120% of rated voltage
Rated Voltages          
24V/30V DC – No external resistor; 110V DC
With 3k ohms resistor, 6Watts external resistor; 
220V/250V DC with 9kohms, 12W external resistor
Depth of semaphore
(excluding Bazel dia)  
60.5 mm ( excluding Bazel Dia. )
Width of Needle          
6.00mm for 36mm dia Bazel
6.50mm for 48mm dia Bazel
7.00mm for 63mm dia Bazel