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Relay test block

    Relay Test Block is moulded out of high grade phenolic resin (Bakelite). It is designed for on-load testing of relays and meters without disturbing panel wiring. The housing consists of ten pairs of silver plated contacts. Each pair is spring loaded, made out of phosphor bronze strips and separated by an insulated barrier. Permanent connections are made between the test block and the Relay / Meter.
A protective cover which is easily removable for test purpose is fitted to the block when not in use. This front cover is fitted with a silver plated contact finger to complete the circuit. Hence it is possible to isolate the trip circuit by removing the cover (for testing), thus prevents tripping. A Test plug (which is supplied separately) is then inserted into the block for testing.

1 On load testing of relays / metering panels without disrupting circuit.
2 Robust construction.
3 Simple and safe testing.

Tested for 2.5 KV for 1 minute as per IEC 60255-5 / IS-3231  


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