OMHB Discrepancy Switch, OMHB Discrepancy Switches, Discrepancy On Hub Switch, Fuse Carriers, Mumbai, India


OMHB Discrepancy Switch
OMHB Discrepancy Switch, Mumbai, India


» Built - in discrepancy lamp
» Robust Design
» Adapability for any panel thickness ( 2-8mm)
» Spring Resetting
» Light Weight
» Space Saving


Control switches are mainly used for remote operations like closing and tripping of the circuit breakers and isolators. Simultaneously, they can indicate the position (open or close) of such controlled objects. The built-in lamps can be connected to flasher relays, to annunciate any discrepancy between the position of switches and objects.



The OMHB is characterised by its small space requirements despite the large numbar of contacts and robust design. The control switch is dust proof and protected against contact with live parts. The external connections are carried out on the terminals which are placed at the rear, on terminal block.

The control switch is designed for panel mounting and consists of spring type contact units with silver rivets. The control switch is mounted in single hole on a panel with the knob in the front. The signal lamp can be replaced from the front after the knob has been pulled out. The knob of the control switch is insulating material with an opaque white window. The knob has two rest positions with an angle of 900 between them and an operating position approximately 300 away from each rest position. The knob must be pressed before it can be turned from a rest to its corresponding operative position. It has spring return feature from the operating to the rest position.