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Relay Test Plug

    DAV make Test Relay Plug has ten pairs of silver plated finger contacts which are linked to the test sockets. The top and bottom contact strips of each finger are separated by insulation. To avoid the possible paralleling of dc trip circuits, the top contact strip on contact fingers 3 & 4 is shortened to isolate the external circuit before the test circuit is connected to the relay. The plug body is a two part moulding.
One part is coloured red to indicate live external connections and the other is coloured black to indicate the isolated circuits of the relay or meter. Projections on the back of the body prevent the plug from being inserted incorrectly. Draw out cases have readily accessible contacts and it is only necessary to remove the cover of the relay or meter and insert the test plug. All test connections are made automatically when the plug is inserted and normal conditions are restored when the plug is withdrawn. It is not necessary to take circuits out of service or disturb any panel wiring. Current transformers can be automatically shorted when the plug is inserted along with the shorting links.

1 On load testing of relays / meters without disturbing panel wiring.
2 Reduced cost of commissioning and routine maintenance.
3 Simple and safe testing.

Tested for 2.5 KV for 1 minute as per IEC 60255-5 / IS-3231