3 Phase 4 Wire Test Terminal Block, Compact Test Terminal Blocks, Mumbai, India

Test Terminal Blocks (Compact) - 3 Phase 4 Wire

Cut out diag. for 3Ø - 4W TTB    [ Compact Model ]
Test Terminal Block, Mumbai, India

The test block and the cover are made of black Bakelite moulding. The moulded barriers are provided in base between adjacent terminals to give complete protection against flash over. The cover is secured in place by knurled sealing nuts. All terminals, shorting links, screws are of brass and nickel plated to prevent corrosion.

Terminal Arrangement

The basic terminal arrangement consists of three voltage terminals and a neutral terminal together with 3 sets of current terminals. The voltage in neutral terminals and movable links which allow the meter or relay to disconnect from their normal supply voltage. The links are connected to the terminals by means of screws and knobs. When several meters are tested their current circuits should be connected in series. If meter are to be tested individually, separate test terminal blocks are required for each meter.

Technical Data

Voltage Rating : 11OOV
Current Rating : 50 AMP continious at 500 C
Diameter of Entries : 4mm


Two holes of 5mm diameter on opposite sides of the base are provided for panel fixing.

Test Terminal Block, Mumbai, India